I don't know how the weather is by you, but the past few days in New York City have been glorious. After a grey week of cold and snow, I couldn't wait to run outside and just bask in the sun. There's a reason why light therapy exists for those suffering through Seasonal Affective Disorder; there's just no way you can't feel happier when those warm rays hit your face. So after spending my Saturday strolling through Central Park (and having my boyfriend, A., beat me at both chess and checkers), I've been really excited about the seasonal change. The allergies that come along with it is another story.

Don't forget: St. Patrick's Day is March 17, the first day of spring is on March 20, and Easter Sunday is March 31. Check out our spring offerings here.

I also wanted to give so much thanks to everyone who sent their warm wishes and shared the launch over social media. My blog friend Brandi was so lightening fast with the share, she'd written a post about Porcupine Hugs within a half hour of reading the news! And after a good friend told Pinterest ninja Denise Opsahl about the collection, she graciously pinned our Easter and St. Patrick's Day cards onto her board "A few of my favorite things." Check out her fun boards here.

March 11, 2013 by Dorkys Ramos
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