It's days like today that I count myself lucky to work from home. Last night, New York City received its first major snowfall of the season and schools and highways have been closed while the city clears the roads. Honestly, we didn't really get super walloped and it's clear and sunny today, but can't knock school workers and kids for enjoying their snow day just days after their holiday vacation. It might not be snowing anymore, but 20-degree weather is enough for me to stay huddled in my fuzzy robe.

So here I am in my warm home office watching the snow fall past my window as it gets pushed off the roof. Looking around I definitely need to decorate my walls soon and am still on the hunt for great prints and artwork. (Please send any you love my way!) Right now the only thing hanging above my desk is the Porcupine Hugs calendar, but considering all the freshly fallen snow we got to play with last night, I think this blissful snowman is quite appropriate.

If you're still shopping around for your 2014 calendar the Porcupine Hugs hand-illustrated wall calendar is now on sale for $10 while supplies last!

January 03, 2014 by Dorkys Ramos
Tags: Promotions

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